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Anonymous said: if i wave at my crush that i've never talked to, but knows who i am and he doesn't wave back what do i do?

Try talking to him…he might just not have cus he doesnt know you! Talk to him and see what happens. GL(:

Anonymous said: how do i talk to the guy that i like if i never see him around & i dont have his number and we both dont have facebook?

Well…if you really don’t see him that much, then it probably wont happen…but if you really want to then try getting his phone number from someone you both know!

Anonymous said: If something is meant to happen with a guy will it just happen or do you have to make it happen? I really like this guy i've only talked to once & i really want it to work but we never see eachother or talk

You might have to talk to him to get things moving…but from there it’s up to the guy to make it happen! GL(:

Anonymous said: so my boyfriend in the past 2 weeks lied to me about 3 things; not saying that he called my best friend ugly and annoying, not saying that my other best friend steals things because shes "poor", and not saying that MY OTHER best friend gave her (ex) boyfriend a blow job. so, i broke up with him today. and he texted me wanting to know if we could talk tomorrow. i said yes. and i think hes going to ask to get back together. what do i say/do? so i get back with him?

So you want to get back with him? Just tell him you’re really upset he lied to you…but you are willing to start over if he is! Just say it was a mistake breaking up with him instead of talking about it!  GL(:

Anonymous said: So, me and this guy used to talk for a month, but then he just said he wanted to be friends but called me pretty and funny and everything. He said he wanted to keep talking to me and get to know me as friends. The night after he told me that we just stopped talking, a few weeks later he started dating his bestfriend. They like barely even touch each other though! I still see him starring at me sometimes, what should i do? try talking to him again or get over it?

Well it sounds like he really did want to get to know you, but then it got awkward. Maybe he just chickened out…just try talking to him as a friend and see where it leads. It sounds like him and his best friend will break up eventually, so don’t get involved and just be his friend until then. GL(: